Sunday, March 6, 2011

How did I get here continued...

     Once I finally hit the road, I headed from Vermont down through West Virginia, truly amazing views, and into Ohio. After visiting friends I continued on my way through Tornado Alley and I must say that the little shack held up great during high winds and torrential downpours. I think the only problem while driving would be when driving seventy mph or greater, one becomes susceptible to cross winds. I thought I was going to lose it outside of Columbus. Climbing through the Rockies in Colorado, was a truly  transcendental experience. The views really need to be experienced at least once in ones lifetime. And although it did get quite cold, I was snug as a bug. (yes sometimes cliques are required writing) Overall, I think my little Nissan did a pretty good job towing the Itty Bitty. It was a struggle going up the mountain passes, but the bed of my truck was fairly well loaded, other than that it pulled great. I would estimate the trailer is still under the 1000# mark. Other than a quick trip out to the coast, Hello Pacific Ocean! of which my little rolling cabin was a trooper-rough washed out dirt roads to nowhere-i've spent most of my time camped out next to my good friend Grady's  house. My house acts like a detached bedroom, I have full access to the main house which has been a godsend. I definitely don't want to spend another winter living in quite so confined a space. Thats all for now. I'll try to cover some of the not so magical aspects of living small next time and work my way to what do I do now.


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