Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Time to put up or shut up... or same ol' song and dance?

     First, I would like to insert a link to a great little story that I find most inspiring. Hopefully it will work. . (Kent, if you would prefer that I not include this link to your most excellent blog, just give me a holler and I will remove it.)
     And so, like usual I have slacked off in regards to maintaining and writing this blog, as well as a number of other things, but here goes again. Also as usual I am beginning to get that old traveling bug. Am I unsatisfied with my current situation, do I have  deeply held nomadic tendencies, am I bored, stressed, curious??? It could be none of these or as I have come to realize, a bit of all of these.
     I have this nagging feeling that come summer I will not be able to stop myself from hitting the road. Where will I go? What will I do to make a living? Why will I do this and How will I accomplish it when or if I do? I have absolutely no idea, and that leaves me just a bit stressed out at the end of the day.
     For those of you that still follow this blog, my itty bitty tiny trailer is un-habitable. The moisture/mold damage is just too great, and I still have some design issues. Sadly I will chop it up and humanely dispose of it. The utility trailer it sits upon I now believe I will sell. In its place I will attempt to follow the example of the attached link and look for an enclosed utility trailer to turn into an improvised homemade Stealth RV. I really like this concept. It should be relatively inexpensive and if done right it should be fairly easy to restore back into a utility trailer should I wish to sell at a later date. And perhaps most importantly, from the outside it looks like any other work trailer. Hence the Stealth label. This should allow for mostly un harassable camping.
     Well, once again you have wasted at least five minutes of your life reading my pathetic excuse for a blog. Now that I have a little bit better idea of what is to come, I will try really hard to keep up with the posts. I also have a new camera, so I will add some photos as this whole thing progresses. Ok, now get back to work!   :)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

DECISIONS & DECLARATIONS, or Whats going on...

     A new post for a new year. Yes it has been quite some time since my last post. Apologies all around, I just didn't want this forum to degrade into nothing more than a hodge-podge of mindless Facebook postings. I am still out there working to place my self into a situation more congruent to building my tiny house and living a more debt free and sustainable life style. I'd like to say I was kept busy writing the aforementioned novel from my previous post but I've just been working too much... and I am a self proclaimed lazy as sin procrastinator of epic proportions.
     I have given much thought and contemplation to my present situation and what is in store for my future. After waffling around the subject for months I have decided to build a vardo style trailer. Not only do I not have nor will I have the resources to build a larger Tumbleweed style home in the near future, I also do not presently have the required skills. That is in fact my ultimate goal, however I would like to get busy with my build as soon as possible. I also think building a smaller more affordable trailer will be good practice as opposed to simply jumping into a larger far more complicated endeavor. You see, just in case you haven't read my earlier posts, I did not build my first itty-bitty house. I designed it as best I could at the time and even though I have done a bit of wood working I didn't feel comfortable at the time building it by myself. And so with all that said, I think this build will let me work on my home building skills on a micro level. I also like the added security of knowing if I had to live on the road at a moments notice that I will have a place to stay.
     Rapping things up let me explain very briefly what I would like to accomplish. The original Itty-Bitty had some short comings. Probably the main flaw was lack of ventilation. Moisture/mildew issues are what ultimately doomed my first little trailer. I thought about taring it down to the frame but that brings up my second issue. I would like to add a few inches to the width so that I can fit a bed width wise in to the back. I would also like to increase the head room a few inches by perhaps arching the roof vardo style. I am not sure if this will all be too much for the little cargo trailer stability wise. Since I have the trailer and their is nothing wrong with it I plan to make use of it. The original incarnation was fine traveling down the highways and byways as long as I kept the speed to about sixty. At around seventy Itty Bitty would start fish tailing so badly I thought for sure I was a goner.
     These are a few of the questions I need to answer by this summer when I plan to start construction. For those that would like a glimpse of what I am aiming for, check out Paleotools wicked awesome vardo trailer. There is a link on this blog for those that are interested. If my little project comes out half as well as his I will be most pleased.  And so until I get a bit closer to the big day and/or have some more thoughts I will let you all go, and I will attempt to find my camera by then as well.
     Peace Out.