Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Transitional Housing...

     Please allow me to explain just what it is that I am attempting to convey with this blog. This is not a site or place for fifty thousand dollar mc-mansion style tiny houses as in Tumbleweeds (although don't get me wrong. Tumbleweeds are beautiful. Just way out of my realm of reality). This is an example of the learning process in action. Complete with minor triumphs and major failures. Maybe somebody will learn what to do as well as what not to do when planning to live tiny.
      For those of you that have stuck with me since the beginning, you know how this all began. But for those newbies to my blog, let me very briefly explain how this all started. And just maybe even I might learn something.
     Several years ago, having no woodworking skills to speak of, I paid a carpenter I knew to build the original Tiny House onto my utility trailer. I was looking for a cheap way to travel across the country without having to rely on sleazy motels. Well, things worked out fantastic. I saw the country, saw old friends, and had a grand ol' time. Except for one tiny thing.
     I couldn't find a job. I spent the better part of a year camped next to a friends house. And when I ultimately did find a job, found a travel trailer and a place to park it, mold had set into the Tiny House. And it wasn't moving out for nothing. Well, to make this already too long story not too much longer still, I lived almost four years in that RV before moving on.
     And so with no place to live and way too much stuff, I did what  I had to do. The only thing I could do. I got rid of shit like a man possessed. But that's a story for the next post. Peace out!

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