Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day... and it's still raining!

Well here we are. Made it to Memorial Day. Let me first say a very big thank you to all the Troops, both past and present. And I'm still living in my tiny little house. I can honestly say now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, I am more than ready to live just a little bit larger. This itty bitty house has  been my saving grace. It got me across the country, from the Green Mountains of Vermont, up and over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, to the Cascade & Olympic Mountains of Washington and the mighty Pacific Ocean. I made it through one of the wettest and (at least for w.wa.) coldest winters on record. And nothing has changed as of yet, but I thought I should get at least one entry for the month of May. With the mostly wet weather I have not had a good opportunity to work on the trailer, and funding has been slow to say the least. I've been working (finally) over the winter and this is what I would like to do.
     I am actively looking for a good older full size pick up truck to replace my aging little Nissan. I have also decided I would like to up grade to a larger fully self contained travel trailer, such as a fixer upper Airstream. And then perhaps travel around both the state and the country in search of a cheap piece of land where I can build a tiny house. This would seem a formidable task what with my finances of the moment and the price tag, however tackled one piece at a time I see it as doable in the not so distant future.
     And in closing, I have thought if I am unable to accomplish the above and everything went to hell all at once, I would do this to the present tiny house. I will, once dry, clean up the mold inside. and build a bed across the back wall. In addition to adding some sort of siding, (on my friend Jeffs advice) replace the roof. My idea is to add a cupola like on a train caboose to add some hight to the ceiling. This is all just idol thought for the time being as I would much rather find a larger trailer and sell the tiny. Its a great little camper, can be towed by almost anything and anywhere, but is a bit small for living unless absolutely necessary. Well, I've rambled enough for one holiday, so until the next time, Peace Out! P.

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