Friday, July 15, 2011


So, here we are in the dog days of summer. Although for July its not that bad. Not a lot going on here in the great north west, but I wanted to give a brief update as to what Ive been up to. I recently traded in my tiny truck in favor of a larger one that would be more capable of towing a somewhat larger trailer. Its not huge, just a 1500 series chevy. Not new either, I got a pretty good deal and should get it paid off in the forseable future. Now I am searching for a lightly used smallish travel trailer. I hope to make this my new home until I can pay off a few bills and save up for a piece of land on which to build a proper "tiny house". In the mean time, I will be selling the current tiny house as soon as I find its replacement. And considering its condition, I just might give it away ( the camper part, the trailer is in good shape, so I will want a bit of cash for that). That is about all I have to say for the moment. I'll post some pictures as soon as I have something to post. Until then, have a great Summer, and enjoy the sun while we have it!

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