Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brief Update...

     Just wanted to make a brief update for anybody that's still following my shenanigans. I didn't have a whole lot to report for quite a while. I finally found a second job a couple months ago. I'm working two jobs about six days a week from dawn until well after dark and essentially have no life other than work. But with the present state of the economy I am grateful to have anything at all. And I am making progress. I've caught up on expenses, bought new tires for the truck and if I can keep this pace up I could be out of debt in a year or two. Then I will be at long last in a position to save and build my new Tiny House! This gives me about three to four years to continue planning just what I will be building and how I will go about this.
     And so until next time, I will be scouring the Tiny House Blog and other places on the net for inspiration for the aforementioned tiny house. I'll also be giving the National Novel Writing Month a try next month. Anyone is invited to give it a go at Should be interesting to say the least. That's all for now, see y'all in a month or two or         


  1. Hey You! How are things going? How is the novel? I have missed hearing from you and hope that all is well. We hope your holidays found you happy, healthy, and warm. Can't wait to see you again and catch up. Maybe this summer we can catch a beer and burger? Hope so! Let me know how you are. Oh! And did you ever look into paper making? :)

    1. Hi Crystal. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. Nothing but work work work! Ive been taking a break from the novel but I am going to start working on it again soon. I wouldnt say the holidays were warm but they were happy and healthy. Hope all is good with you and Adam. It will be good to see you this summer, beer is always good!
      ... and sorry to say I havent had a chance to look into paper making, too much work! :)