Thursday, February 28, 2013

DECISIONS & DECLARATIONS, or Whats going on...

     A new post for a new year. Yes it has been quite some time since my last post. Apologies all around, I just didn't want this forum to degrade into nothing more than a hodge-podge of mindless Facebook postings. I am still out there working to place my self into a situation more congruent to building my tiny house and living a more debt free and sustainable life style. I'd like to say I was kept busy writing the aforementioned novel from my previous post but I've just been working too much... and I am a self proclaimed lazy as sin procrastinator of epic proportions.
     I have given much thought and contemplation to my present situation and what is in store for my future. After waffling around the subject for months I have decided to build a vardo style trailer. Not only do I not have nor will I have the resources to build a larger Tumbleweed style home in the near future, I also do not presently have the required skills. That is in fact my ultimate goal, however I would like to get busy with my build as soon as possible. I also think building a smaller more affordable trailer will be good practice as opposed to simply jumping into a larger far more complicated endeavor. You see, just in case you haven't read my earlier posts, I did not build my first itty-bitty house. I designed it as best I could at the time and even though I have done a bit of wood working I didn't feel comfortable at the time building it by myself. And so with all that said, I think this build will let me work on my home building skills on a micro level. I also like the added security of knowing if I had to live on the road at a moments notice that I will have a place to stay.
     Rapping things up let me explain very briefly what I would like to accomplish. The original Itty-Bitty had some short comings. Probably the main flaw was lack of ventilation. Moisture/mildew issues are what ultimately doomed my first little trailer. I thought about taring it down to the frame but that brings up my second issue. I would like to add a few inches to the width so that I can fit a bed width wise in to the back. I would also like to increase the head room a few inches by perhaps arching the roof vardo style. I am not sure if this will all be too much for the little cargo trailer stability wise. Since I have the trailer and their is nothing wrong with it I plan to make use of it. The original incarnation was fine traveling down the highways and byways as long as I kept the speed to about sixty. At around seventy Itty Bitty would start fish tailing so badly I thought for sure I was a goner.
     These are a few of the questions I need to answer by this summer when I plan to start construction. For those that would like a glimpse of what I am aiming for, check out Paleotools wicked awesome vardo trailer. There is a link on this blog for those that are interested. If my little project comes out half as well as his I will be most pleased.  And so until I get a bit closer to the big day and/or have some more thoughts I will let you all go, and I will attempt to find my camera by then as well.
     Peace Out.

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